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BECAUSE, a product of BRIDGEGYPT, is the Middle East's first interactive hub connecting companies, social enterprises, non-profits and soon governments. 

In an increasingly interconnected world, collaboration is key for advancement. Today, the most urgent development issues are not only faced by government, civil organizations or NGOs; private companies as well as social entrepreneurs, with different strategies and implementation plans, are increasingly stepping up to the challenge. Working together to better address those causes has become not only an added value, but a necessity for development plans to succeed.

BECAUSE's core value is to foster collaboration between business and society. The platform offers the magazine section where it tells the stories of social innovators, charities, grassroots associations and companies that step up to drive positive social change. It sheds light on those who fight against all odds to shape a more sustainable Middle East. Whether you’re an environmentalist, a corporate guru, a social entrepreneur, a human rights activist or a CSR professional this magazine is for you as long as you believe in having a lasting positive social impact. The platform also offers the hub section which allows organizations to become members, get exposure for their work through their profile, find out about one another and potentially collaborate.  It is set to connect all the organizations and companies who are responsible and committed to finding solutions to development issues.

Joining BECAUSE's hub will provide members with the following:

  • Easy access to databases of companies, non-profits and social enterprises
  • Connect with like-minded organizations
  • Collaborate with other organizations for a specific project
  • Get exposure for your own work, events, projects and programs
  • Showcase the causes you support and follow other organizations you're interested in
  • Access to numerous report on CSR, Causes, Non-Profits, Social Enterprises, Volunteers 
  • Receive Periodical newsletter 
  • Receive discounts on BECAUSE’s yearly events 
  • Raise funds for a specific project
  • Donate to a cause your organization supports



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