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Animal Rescue Center ESMA Pleads for Help as it Nears Closure

2 March, 2017
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The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), Egypt’s largest animal shelter, has reached out on social media to announce that it is in dire need. If donations don’t start flooding in, the center will be forced to shut down.

“Tomorrow is the beginning of the month, and we don't have, for the first time since we started, the money to cover our rent, our salaries, our vet bills, our debts, the [animals’] medicine costs, their food costs, the electricity bills and any of the daily expenses [needed] to run the shelter,” wrote Bahra Fahmy, an ESMA volunteer and board member, in a plea on Facebook posted on February 27.

Fahmy went on to explain that the shelter has run out of expenses, with funds in its banking account dwindling to an insufficient EGP 1,000, not nearly enough to cover the list above or the 1,300 animals the shelter is currently housing. 

Lamenting about the state of the shelter, Fahmy went on to explain that part of the problem is many people have promised to donate, but their promises went unfulfilled. But now, ESMA demands that it is a time for action, or else the worst possible outcome will be realized. 

“All I will ask, is please help the shelter that never refused to help a voiceless soul in Egypt,” said Fahmy.

ESMA was formed in late 2007 and has gained wide traction in Egypt for being animal caretakers. Aside from running the shelter, part of ESMA’s mission is raising awareness for animal rights. 

All donations made to ESMA go towards maintaining the animal shelter.

There are several ways you can donate to ESMA:

Make a donation at www.animaldiplomacy.org.

Use the Vodafone Cash system with the number 01027732221.

Email info@georgeanimalfoundation.nl.

For direct deposits into ESMA’s bank account, contact Bahra Fahmy. For pick-up donations in Cairo, contact volunteers Christina Webb or Mona Khalil.

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