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10-Year-Old Moaz: From Selling Napkins in the Cairo Subway to Launching an Art Exhibition

7 May, 2017
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Moaz Ahmed Shaaban, a 10-year-old boy who used to help his grandmother sell napkins on the staircases of Cairo Univeristy beside the subway, now has his very own art exhibition.

After five years of sitting on the stairs beside his grandmother and painting some drawings to sell to passersby, artist Ali Al-Rawy stepped in and decided to exhibit Moaz’s pictures in his exhibition.

Al-Rawy discovered Moaz’s talent when he came across some of his drawings that were being shared by several Facebook users.

Moaz was raised by his grandmother after his parents separated when he was young. She used to take him with her to the Cairo subway, also known as the metro system, to sell napkins, where he also started selling his drawings.

Al-Rawy reached out to Moaz and his grandmother. He asked her to let Moaz join the Academy of Arts to nourish his talents and learn the basics of drawing. She swiftly agreed.

Al-Rawy decided to dedicate a section from his exhibition to Moaz’s paintings where he would showcase all his drawings. By the end of the exhibition, they were also sold.

The exhibition, titled “Moaz”, took place over three consecutive days and featured a variety of colored and black and white drawings.

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