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Egypt Approves EGP 40 Million Restoration of Synagogue in Alexandria

18 July, 2017
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Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has approved a request to allocate EGP 40 million for the restoration of the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria.

The Synagogue, also known as the Jewish Temple, was shut down earlier this year after a part of the ceiling collapsed.

In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, the Ministry of Antiquities said that a comprehensive restoration would be carried out based on feasibility and research studies that have already been carried out.

The statements added that the Ministry of Antiquities will fully bear the cost of the restoration.

The Synagogue, located in Nabi Daniel street, was built in 1354 and was the subject of bombardment by French forces in 1798 during their invasion of Egypt. The Synagogue was restored in the 1850s by the then-ruling Egyptian royal family.

Alexandria's Synagogue is a remnant of Egypt's history, as the country was once home to thousands of Jews prior to the creation of Israel. Today, although statistics are difficult to obtain given the animosity that has risen toward the Jewish community in Egypt in recent decades, the number of Jews residing in Egypt is estimated to be less than a dozen.

Old Cairo's Jewish Quarter, which was once bustling with shops and workshops run by the Jewish community, is now a rundown series of passageways and dilapidated synagogues that remain closed to the public.

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