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Greenpeace Introduces Gaming to Push For a World Free from Fossil Fuels

29 March, 2017
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A group of NGOs from around the world kicked off the largest global wave of people calling to break free from the reliance on oil, coal and gas, and to accelerate the shift to an era dependent on renewable energy. For this purpose, this week Greenpeace Mediterranean-Arab World along with other environmental organizations in the Middle East launched a first of its kind type of online activism with the BreakFree Game.

Available in Arabic, English and French, audiences in the Arab world will be introduced to the BreakFree wave, whereby players can participate in a game that will take online actions that target energy ministers or ministries in the Arab world and petition for them to embrace renewable energy.

“Individuals, through the BreakFree Game, are taking online actions such as direct tweets and emails to Arab decision makers urging them to break free from fossil fuels,” Dania Cherry, Greenpeace’s Arab World Communications Officer, told BECAUSE.

The game aims to raise environmental awareness and foster activism behaviors through entertainment. “Through different online actions, the user will expose to the world the real image of the fossil fuel industry, that is threatening our most basic needs, from clean water to pure air, and will join forces with others to bring about a just transition towards renewable solutions,” Fadi Gedeon, a digital campaigner at Greenpeace Mediterranean-Arab World, said in a statement.

In order to launch the game, Greenpeace has released a teaser/revealer campaign, with videos filmed in three Arab cities: Beirut, Cairo and Dubai.

“Through this campaign we are hoping to be able to create an online environmental activism culture in the Arab world,” Cherry said, which would hopefully add pressure on decision makers.

“The Arab world is very diverse and obstacles are somewhat specific to their local context but a common issue all across is the low environmental awareness among the population and the decision makers,” she explained.

Agustin Maggio, a spokesperson for the BreakFree movement, said: “The warning lights of dangerous climate change are flashing around the world, triggered by the burning of fossil fuels. Look to the vanishing sea ice at both poles, the severe drought in Africa or the Great Barrier Reef fighting for its life to see the damage this is already causing. This is why people everywhere are demanding action from their governments and the corporations that are so far refusing to move away from the dirty energy sources which are putting so many lives at risk.”

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