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Nestlé Egypt Allocates EGP 1.5 Million to Reconstruct Homes Damaged by Winter Flooding

5 January, 2017
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Photo credit: Mahmoud Khattab


In Egypt, this year's winter began with a harsh descent. Floods and rain water blocked roads and destroyed homes. This prompted the Food Bank to call for relief and aid to supply the affected people in Sohag and Ras Gharib. Nestlé Egypt was one of the first companies to respond.


Nestlé donated EGP 1.5 for the reconstruction of damaged homes. It also provided 25,000 packets of Nestlé infant formula, and 3,000 1.5 liters of mineral water cartons.


The company ensured that there would be speedy coordination with Food Bank officials in finding the best possible means of sending donations to the affected people to immediately alleviate their suffering.


Chairperson and CEO of Nestlé Egypt and North East Africa Yasser Abdel Malak said that the company did not and will not be delayed in its contribution to alleviate the suffering of the affected families, emerging from its commitment to social responsibility.


He also stressed that Nestlé has been, and will remain, part of Egyptians' lives for over 150 years. Back in the winter of 2010, the company sent a large number of water cartons and baby food to those affected by rain water and flooding in Sinai and Aswan.


“Nestlé is always keen to provide the best of its products and programs that work to develop Egyptian society,” he stressed.


Nestlé Egypt had also encouraged its own staff to donate, in order to support the people of the affected areas.


This week, Minister of International Cooperation Sahar Nasr had met with South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda to discuss developmental projects in the governorate.


Among the projects comes the construction of seven developmental compounds at an estimated value of $65 million, including the construction of six Bedouin compounds.


Each compound ranges in size, from 16 to 210 Bedouin houses, and includes a school, health unit, and sports area.


Another major project underway is the establishment of a university in Al-Tor area worth $300 million on an area of 300 feddans.


The governor also discussed the construction of seven agricultural communities in South Sinai, five desalination plants, developing Al-Tor fishing port, along with the initiatives to develop several roads such as the Eyoum Moussa/Sharm Al-Sheikh road.


The minister stressed the ministry’s keenness to support these projects in order to hasten their execution, given how effective they are in enhancing the living standards of people, as well as providing job opportunities.

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