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Unleashing the Power of Elle

11 July, 2017
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Personal tragedies, when constructively channeled, always turn into great achievements. Rania Ayman did exactly that when obstacles got in her way. In her mid-twenties, she needed help in her business as a young woman starting out on a new path. But after struggling to push her business forward, she decided to be the person who would help others in need. Thus, Entreprenelle was born, and with it a multitude of opportunities.

After organizing more than 60 workshops, Entreprenelle is on a mission to empower local women by educating, training and linking them to all available resources. It is a community for the pre-incubation phase of businesses, a key to understanding what entrepreneurship is and how to participate in RiseUp and related organizations and enterprises.

“We want to impact every single women in the Middle East and North Africa to make her economically stable and independent,” Ayman told BECAUSE.

Thus far, the enterprise has garnered 30 partners, including Jobzella, Egypt Innovate and Sarmady.

Entreprenelle, a fusion of entrepreneur and the French word elle (meaning “her”), has organized a major event for aspiring businesswomen. Dubbed She Can, the event is to take place on July 21 at the Greater Library in Cairo’s Zamalek district. The workshops will discuss “Ideation”, “Social media”, “Fundraising your business” and delve into several other themes.

She Can is divided into four sessions throughout the day. First: Inspiring success stories from girls who proved that “They Can”, featuring Entreprenelles who faced lots of challenges and failures. Second: Speed mentoring from professional and experienced mentors in the business field, who will give advice on business and facilitating creative ideas. Third: Panel discussions between Entreprenelles talking about various topics of interest. Fourth: After the event, different workshops with free entrance will provide help to women who already have a business or just an idea, or help them if they want to know more about the entrepreneur field.

“If you’re searching for something to encourage you, something that can push you to your limits, to start, develop and invest in yourself, you will definitely find help and support,” states the event’s Facebook page.

Enreprenelle is also currently licensing its brand for a franchise in South Africa, and looking for partners in Jordon.

Ayman dreams that one day Entreprenelle will be added to the dictionary, and be defined as women entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about the She Can event, click here

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