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Bassita’s first click-funding campaign with Baraka Optics

22 December, 2014
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With Bassita's simple click-funding concept, you can make a positive social impact with one click of a button. It works like this: Bassita identify a cause to be supported, and approach a sponsor to contribute to it. Bassita then create an engaging viral video highlighting the cause, and if it reaches a target number of views, the corporate sponsor will donate money for each click.

A huge milestone for Bassita was being awarded the Young Innovators Award last December and being supported by the UNDP's South-South Development Academy (SSDA). Bassita's founders Salem Massalha and Alban de Ménonville spoke to BECAUSE about the success of their Baraka Optics campaign and their plans for 2015.

"We have a bank of causes that we reach out to ourselves. We don't wait for the cause to come to us. Alongside, we try to find contributing sponsors," Massalha.

A few days ago, Bassita launched the success story video for its first campaign. The campaign started on September 1, 2014, and Bassita's goal is to get 10,000 views on YouTube. Bassita successfully reached the viewership goal whereby Baraka Optics, one of the initial sponsors, agreed to donate 1,000 eyeglasses to artisans in underprivileged communities in Egypt.

"The first campaign was a major success," said Ménonville. "So far 200 artisans received their eyeglasses as it takes time to make sure every artisan receives their eyewear with the right prescription. We have learnt a lot from the experience and now it is our time to replicate it."

Bassita has been chosen as one social success story out of three to be presented at the Thinkers and Doers in the Revival of the Arab World event in Paris on Jan 16, 2015. Following this event Bassita will go viral on its second cause, called Toys and Fun. It is a partnership with Marwa Fayed's Toy Run, an initiative run by Omar Samra, that gathers toys to give to orphans. The plan is again to aim for 10,000 views, but this time hoping to give a toy for every click.

"We plan to expand in the Arab World and Africa starting off with Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and UAE. Click-funding is the idea to connect marketing to make a real impact," said Ménonville. "The first actor is the person behind the click. We want to turn click-funding into a part of society's culture, to push sponsors to help better our community and engage society to be more aware of the continuous causes that need their help."

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