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Egypt’s Siwa Oasis Announced as Global Destination for Medical, Environmental Tourism

16 April, 2017
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Marsa Matruh Governor Alaa Abu-Zaid announced that Egypt’s Siwa Oasis has become a global destination for medical and environmental tourism during a medical tourism conference held in coordination with Alexandria University at the end of March.

During the conference, Abou-Zaid said that Siwa has several touristic attractions that have yet to be discovered, and it qualifies as one of the best destinations in the world.

Siwa’s natural characteristics have made it an exceptional oasis and one of the most impressive nature reserves, standing out as a gem from the other oases in Egypt.

The conference discussions highlighted the therapeutic and environmental characteristics in Siwa, in addition to ways and methods to maintain them. Success stories in medical tourism in the remote oasis were celebrated.

The conference also discussed the establishment of a new museum that will display phases of the production of olive oil. Also, new patterns for tourism in Siwa were announced during the conference, including watching birds’ migration and riding camels.

The remote oasis is located in Egypt’s western desert, 50 km east of the border with Libya.

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