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Guinness World Record Holding Student Activity on a New Medical Spree

10 April, 2017
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University campus extracurricular activities are always a great chance for students to develop their skills and ideas. But when taken off campus and pivoted towards a chance to benefit society, such activities take on a whole new dynamic.

The Guinness World Record holder Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students' Federation at Delta University (EPSF DELTA) has been having a busy couple of weeks with its campaign to raise awareness for medical issues and treat new patients.

On Thursday, the students found themselves promoting an awareness campaign for Down syndrome in a less fortunate corner of Egypt. Taking place in Al Daqahleyya Governorate’s Al Malaab Village, Baladeyyet Al Mahala Club and on the Delta University campus, the campaign was aimed at changing the public’s understanding of those who have the disorder, and teaching them about the correct way to deal with people with Down syndrome as members of society. Above all, the goal was to show that those with Down syndrome should not be marginalized.

On March 30, EPSF DELTA launched its third annual mission for general check-ups and free-of-charge treatment in Al Malaab Village.

Four hundred and eighty residents spanning all ages showed up for the mission, which had a wide range of specializations, said Khaled Esmail, the press spokesperson for EPSF DELTA.

The mission also provided medicine for treating each case. “We go to pharmacies, and introduce the federation and what it does. If the doctors are willing, they provide us with the medicine,” explained Esmail. EPSF DELTA also receives support from the university’s medicines factory.

The university also provides buses for transportation, and the university’s medical professors occasionally join the missions if they are able.

“Our vision is to change society’s view, develop students’ cultural and university activities, and raise awareness about diseases and disorders,” Esmail stated.

The federation is around 33 years old and is present in 31 universities across Egypt. All of its activities are non-profitable. The federation successfully conducted 8,600 blood glucose tests on 6 December 2013 at the Mall of Arabia in Cairo, earning its Guinness Records title for “Most Blood Glucose Tests Taken in 24 Hours”.

Delta University joined the federation five years ago. EPSF DELTA also organizes job fairs. The next one will take place in May, and is one of the group’s biggest events.

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