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Janssen’s First Nationwide Diabetes Forum Equips Egypt's Doctors with Knowledge

19 April, 2017
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In an effort to help improve the Egyptian medical education system, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Janssen), one of the pharmaceutical companies attached to Johnson & Johnson, held its first diabetes education forum in Egypt on April 6.

The two-day event aimed to broaden the knowledge of Egyptian health care professionals by providing them with an opportunity to network with each other and with prominent diabetes professors to discuss ways to control the disease among patients in Egypt. 

The gathering brought together doctors from around the country to share their experiences and learn how to utilize advanced treatment methods to better manage type 2 diabetes. The forum discussed how people with diabetes can fast safely during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which this year begins in May, as well as topics related to cardiovascular benefits of some oral antidiabetic agents that could protect diabetics against cardiovascular risks.

“It is part of Janssen’s strategy in the Middle East to help young doctors improve their knowledge of essential treatment techniques and advances in modern medicine,” said Willem-Jan Blok, Janssen Managing Director Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Sudan. “Janssen adopts a global approach of giving back to the community to secure a healthier life in a better world. Providing Egyptian doctors with hands-on experience will immeasurably help us have better health outcomes,” he added.

Three consecutive sessions discussed the clinical experience of well-known diabetes professors in how to handle uncontrolled diabetic patients or patients with underlying risk factors. Open discussions were held to assist participants with identifying the role of the kidney, rather than the pancreas, in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. 

The last two sessions looked at ways to effectively control diabetes during Ramadan, past cardiovascular clinical trials and the evolution of antidiabetic treatments with cardio protective effects that could decease deaths caused by cardiac complications among diabetic patients.

Janssen has carried out various strategic projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa while focusing on supporting patients. These projects include Tuberculosis and Ebola vaccination campaigns. 

Johnson and Johnson were ranked second in the 2016 Access to Medicine Index, which highlights the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to improve access to medicine. 

"This affirms J&J's social responsibility and integrity," said an official statement. 

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