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Keep a Heart Pumping This Valentine

14 February, 2017
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Whether you are celebrating with a partner, spending it alone, or taking care of a broken heart, dancing is always a good idea. What is even better, is dancing to save a heart. 

The Mala Fitness Studio has announced that all proceeds from its dance and fitness classes during Valentine's Day week will go to the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation.

"We take any opportunity to try to celebrate any good occasions, in this case it is Valentine's Day. But we did not want to do it the traditional way with discounts," said Yasmin Sweedan, one of the studio's four co-founders. 

The founders wanted to go deeper, and since Valentine's Day is all about love and emotions coming from within, they decided to link the day with corporate social responsibility. Fundraising for Magdi Yacoub, an NGO dedicated to free-of-charge cardiovascular surgery, treatment and research, was the perfect link. 

People would be donating money while working out at the New Cairo Studio.

“The more people the better. It would make the imitative run on a bigger scale. We are hoping the maximum number of people will come,” Sweedan said, adding that “If this works out well, it will push us forward to collaborate further with Magdi Yacoub, or other foundations.”

The Mala Fitness Studio had initiated a similar collaboration with Baheya Hospital, the first in the region to specialize in early detection and treatment of breast cancer for free, in October, which is breast cancer awareness month.

“We like to give back as much as we can,” Sweedan asserted.

February also carries another Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation initiative. The first ever run in Aswan alongside founder Sir Magdi Yacoub is scheduled for the 24th of the month. A kids’ race, which brings together athletes aged 10 and under, is also planned, with the aim of initiating awareness at a very young age.

Fundraising for children suffering from heart disease, the run is in collaboration with
The TriFactory.

Also thinking about hearts this month is Roteract Club, which is organizing a bicycle marathon on February 17 to raise awareness about heart disease and how to avoid heart strokes.

Whatever your relationship status is, share the love and help a stranger in need.

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