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Orange Egypt Sponsors Employment Forum for People Struggling with Disabilities

3 April, 2017
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Orange Egypt recently participated as a “Golden Sponsor” and internet service provider in the Qualitative Federation Forum of Rotary Clubs in Egypt to recruit people with “special needs”.

“Orange Egypt’s participation in this huge event comes in the framework of its social responsibility towards society and people with special needs,” an official Monday statement said. The company was present in the forum, which took place in March, to communicate with job seekers and know their qualifications and skills in order to offer them suitable job opportunities and to encourage people with special needs who have proved that they are capable of working. During the forum, a “huge” number of people with special needs applied to work in Orange, according to the company.

Previously in hiding but now seeking more jobs and opportunities by the day, Egyptians fighting disabilities now have more to show than ever before. With increasing public awareness and organizations coming to their aid, the lives of an estimated 15 million Egyptians with disabilities are becoming smoother.

“Orange’s sponsorship of these events – which influence a huge group of people with special needs – affirms the company’s strategy to serve all categories and needs of Egyptian society. Orange works on providing a suitable environment for them as it believes in their effective contribution to the development process,” said Sherif Hanna, Orange Egypt’s Chief People & Compliance Officer. “Orange Egypt will continue on enabling, qualifying and training people with special needs on different skills required in the labor market,” he added.

Orange Egypt has always been keen on supporting and merging people with special needs into society. The company participates in many projects and events that support people with special needs, such as DAESN, where an electronic library was launched to serve blind students in Egyptian universities funded by Orange Egypt. Moreover, the company participated with the National Council on Disability Affairs in the latter’s annual ceremony to honor students with special needs.

The forum was attended by Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly, Secretary-General of Social Fund for Development Nevin Gameaa, Advisor to Minister of CIT Abeer Shakweer, as well as  a number of Orange Egypt officials.



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