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Bassita at the first International Forum of the Arab World in Paris

21 January, 2015
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Right after the success of their first campaign, the click-funding organisation Bassita is now basking in the limelight in Paris. Bassita participated in the first ever international forum of the Arab World by Thinkers and Doers at the Arab World Institute. Bassita was selected as one of three impactful innovators from the Arab world to present in the forum.

The event took place from January 15-16 this year and was inaugurated with a speech by French president Francois Hollande. The event aims to offer a hopeful vision of the Arab world in a critical moment when turmoil has brought tension to the region.

"Our objective is to have this exercise be only the first in a long series. We are convinced that the importance of this Forum will lead to further brainstorming events where Arab and European stakeholders will regularly come together to discuss ongoing issues in their present life as well as their ambitions for the future," said Jack Lang, President of the Arab World Institute, according to CLICKS.

The event entitled 'The Arab World Renewal' gathers the people and organizations most committed to the construction and the renewal of the Arab World. The forum focused on entrepreneurship, renewable energy, women's empowerment and the emergence of creativity. The event brought together leaders, experts, decision-makers, project holders and emerging personalities who work in and act on the Arab region. All gathered to meet, exchange, create alliances, and commit to meet the challenges of the region's development.

"To give a good example of what our click-funding initiative is, we actually made and aired the video in our presentation. The cause behind the video is to get our office boy a bicycle to commute and it is only possible with 300 views. Although we got around 100 views, to me is a good step for people attending to instantly experience the social impact by just one view," said Salem Massalha, cofounder of Bassita.

"The event was very successful. The more people know about Bassita, the more viewership we would get on our videos meaning the quicker the positive impact it will have on the causes behind the videos. Also the success of click-funding solidifies its social engagement for social impact that makes it eligible for replication and expansion," Massalha explained.

This golden opportunity, where west meets east on an innovative platform, is going global. Thinkers and Doers have a London and Dubai forum planned for this year.

Image courtesy of Bassita

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