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TBS Helps Their Customers To Share Kahk With Refugee Families This Eid

18 July, 2016
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Most charity work is concentrated at the beginning, or during, the month of Ramadan. As the end of the month approaches, sales of kahk, the traditional biscuit for Eid Al Fetr celebrations, skyrocket. One local bakery decided this year to develop a simple yet touching CSR initiative that everybody got to share the experience.

Egyptian bakery chain The Bakery Shop (TBS), with the support of the UNHCR, launched the initiative "A kilo of kahk minus one." Every time a customer bought one kilo of kahk, one of the biscuits would be missing. In its was place a round plastic biscuit indicating how many extra kahk biscuits would be given to refugees.

As the customer made the purchase, TBS offered them a letter to sign, saying: "Merry Eid. You are welcome in Egypt. Eid in Egypt means kahk, and family gatherings. So we took the advantage of this occasion to salute and welcome you. Happy Eid from your Egyptian family and friends," the letter read.

More than 250,000 refugees reside in Egypt are away from family and home. "We are separated now. The uncles, the aunts, and all the cousins. Everyone is in a different country," states Khaled, from Syria, in the video.

The TBS initiative reminds us that while Eid is a time for family, friends and togetherness, this is exactly what refugees are so often deprived of. More than just sharing some familiar treats, the initiatives allows an all-too-easily neglected message of welcome and goodwill to be delivered with a personal touch.

In less than two weeks, Eid sales ensured that 10,000 kahk biscuits were gathered, and were distributed to 250 Sudanese, Syrian, and families of other nationalities.

As well as making a promotional video of how the initiative works, TBS have ensured that the message continues after Eid, releasing a video showing their efforts and the impact this simple gesture has left on the refugee families. The company promises that more kahk will be distributed next year.  

Image: still from video

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