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MostashfaMeter: a Mobile App to Empower Egyptian Patients

13 December, 2016
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As healthcare in Egypt still yearns for salvation, and pictures of ill-managed hospitals are going viral on social media timelines, a non-profit company is ready to launch a mobile app that will help Egyptians monitor each hospital they step into and give it an evaluation.

MostashfaMeter will be the first extension to the Community Rating of Egyptian Hospitals Portal, or Egyhospitals.com, which has been up and running since August 2015 as a beta phase, Egyhospitals.com project manager, Daniel Amoun, told BECAUSE.

The project was first launched by Shamseya for Innovative Community Healthcare Solutions, a non-profit company backed by the Ministry of Investment, but it grew into a bigger network of contributors and supporters.

“The main drive of the problem in Egyptian healthcare – along with any public service – is that the end-user/patient/customer comes at the bottom of the pyramid of who to satisfy. The services are not designed to cater to the needs of its supposed main customer,” he explained.

Which has led to the health pro-activists, joining forces at Shamseya, to move towards empowering these patients, ‘left at the bottom of the pyramids,’ into self-sovereignty through Egyhospitals.com.    

“Through [our work in] this portal we realized that websites are not the accessible online form of the collected data,” Amoun said, explaining why they decided to launch the MostashfaMeter application.

“It will give easier access to the data and will provide some additional services to its users. This will include the closest ambulance, emergency room, their locations and contacts,” he added.

Egyhospitals.com’s work doesn’t stop at observation, it’s a six-stage process. First they train community rankers on the ranking methods, and then these trained rankers start ranking the hospitals they’re assigned to. Then these ranks are revised, and after they are published they are revised again for accuracy. Later, a detailed report is released for every governorate and Egyhospitals.com goes with these reports to the executive officials of each governorate and discusses with them what they should do to improve their healthcare situation.

So far the rankers affiliated with Egyhospitals.com have covered 11 governorates with trained teams of rankers. These governorates include Aswan, Luxor, Qena, Sohag, Assiut, Minia, Beni Suef, Matrouh, Gharbeya, Damietta and Port Said.

The rankings are still going through the set of processes in some cities. Thus, some governorates are 100% covered, while some are still in progress. “Therefore, it is important to note that the application will be functional gradually in the cities we have covered already. Then, at a later stage, it will be functional for Cairo's inhabitants,” Amoun pointed out.  

Until October 2016, Egyhospitals.com has trained 271 community rankers in the governorates mentioned above. They have also published rankings of 55 hospitals, apart from 154 hospitals that are being currently revised before publishing.

Also, Sohag’s detailed report has been released and Egyhospitals.com sat down for a meeting with the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sohag and a press conference was held to present the results.

The first version of the application will be available on Andorid, and it will be free of charge for all users. This won’t be the end of Egyhospital.com’s extensions. Different extensions are on the way, like The Egyptian Healthcare Map, among others.

Egyhospital.com and Shamseya’s portals are developed by eSEED, which is also developing MostashfaMeter. If everything goes according to plan with the developers, the mobile app will be released by the end of December.

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