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Mahamad El Tanahy

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My Volunteering Journey
Animal Welfare | Added on 24 Oct 2015 | Looking for collaboration AND volunteer
Neighborhood Watch Groups The Egyptian Society for Baladi Dog ...
Articles I liked
20 Aug 2017
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A few kilometers away from the Giza Pyramids, the Grand Egyptian Museum and the New Sphinx Airport, construction work is set to begin on Egypt’s first-of-its-kind Sun City, an integrated community expected to boost the country...
14 Feb 2016
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In the busy area around Cairo University in Giza, thirteen-year-old Osama sat on a blanket and played around with wooden Arabic letters. Then, for the first time in his life, the teen was able to spell out his name. As the rest...
11 Feb 2016
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"With Souq el Kher, we have the idea of the closed circle, where everybody involved benefits from one single event," says Hanan Mahmoud. In her role as a management professor at Ain Shams University, she saw both a need and an...
10 Feb 2016
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NAFAS Sport gained deserved attention in 2014 when it brought a team of Egyptian street children to Rio de Janeiro as part of the Street Child World Cup. The organization was founded in 2012 to provide football training and...
09 Feb 2016
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One day in 2005, Mohamed el Lakani decided to stand up. It was his first time to do so in five years. 

"I was just so sick and tired of sitting in bed or in the wheelchair and having my sisters help me with everything. At that...