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Dubai, the Hyperloop and Reinventing the City

15 August, 2017
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Time is money, efficiency is life. Perhaps this is why we keep complaining about the ridiculous amount of time spent commuting through an overburdened transportation system. In most major cities, getting around is becoming a nightmare. In addition to being slow and inefficient, the current system is limited to a daily commute range. For distances exceeding that range, the system becomes impractical. The idea of a fast, efficient transportation method has been an unattainable dream, that is until the Hyperloop came along.

Proposed by billionaire inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk and based on a century-old concept, the Hyperloop is a game-changing technology. The system consists of massive, low-pressure tubes. Inside those tubes, magnetically-levitated vehicles carrying passengers and cargo travel at near-supersonic speeds. The ultra-low aerodynamic drag inside the tubes results in speeds that reach 1,200 km/h. Besides the speed, the system is also efficient when it comes to energy consumption, with no direct carbon emissions.

Dubai Takes the Lead

Dubai has recently made a name for itself as an early-adaptor of new technologies. In the race to build the first Hyperloop system, Dubai already has a head start. After signing Hyperloop One’s first commercial deal with the local transport authorities, their CEO, Rob Lloyd, announced that the company is committed to completing Dubai’s Hyperloop One first.

"Dubai is our number one priority so we will do everything to make that happen," said Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd, speaking after signing the company's first commercial deal with local transport authorities.

The proposed Hyperloop line will connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi, slashing the travel time of the 150 kilometer trip to less than 12 minutes, drastically altering what is normally a 2-hour drive.

Redefining Cities

High-speed travel is great news. Yet, the impact of such technologies is far greater than what most people imagine.

“While technology is revolutionizing many facets of our lives, we have not seen a radical change in transportation since the Wright brothers introduced air travel over 100 years ago,” explained Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One.

The wide adaptation of such technologies can change the urban fabric of entire regions. The concept of separate cities can be superseded by a more regional concept. Due to the increased accessibility, cities separated by distance will no longer be viewed the same way. To put things into perspective, if this system was built between Cairo and Hurghada, the trip would take around half an hour.

Being connected by a 30-minute trip, Cairo and Hurghada would not be considered as separate as they are now. You can live in one and work in another. Commuting there daily with a Hyperloop system would take less time than it takes now to commute from Heliopolis to Downtown Cairo. With such technologies around the corner, we are lucky enough to witness the beginning of a new era. The way we travel, live and even belong will be redefined.



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